Stellar Beverages says NAFDAC’s sachet drinks ban endangers 5 million jobs



The agency’s prohibition came into effect on February 1, 2024, based on the recommendation of a tripartite committee back in 2018

In a statement on Thursday, February 8, Anandan said the action would have a drastic effect on Nigerians.

He said, “We are dismayed by the unilateral action taken by NAFDAC last week regarding the banning of the production, sale and distribution of alcoholic spirit drinks in sizes below 200ml in both sachets and PET bottles.

“Not only does this action unnecessarily put at immediate risk the 500,000 direct and 5,000,000 indirect jobs of those working for the spirit drinks industry and their suppliers but also the traders who rely on this category for their businesses and livelihoods.

“To do so at a time when people are already under tremendous economic pressure is we believe both insensitive and unjustifiable.

“We passionately reject the grounds on which NAFDAC have attempted to justify their actions and continue to press for a rational and evidence-driven debate on this matter.

“Our thoughts are with our dedicated workforce and customers at this worrying time as we continue to engage with relevant authorities in the Government with the hope of achieving a responsible resolution.”

The MD further explicitly stated, “Moderation and responsible drinking promotes good health. SMALL is GOOD, if you buy small you will consume small. If you buy big, you will consume BIG and that is NOT HEALTHY.

“Bigger sizes encourage consumption of bigger portions, while small sizes encourage portion control. If you take away small sizes, you are encouraging excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

“To go ahead with the ban based on perceived danger, without empirical information and not minding the consequences is unfair to the industry operators, the millions of workers who will lose their jobs and is inimical to the Nigerian economy.”

The decision is already causing a ripple effect, with the shutdown of many factories across the country.

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